• 01. Full name: Vallaunius Roldan Dyce
  • 02. Best friend: Jie
  • 03. Sexuality: Pansexual
  • 04. Favorite color: Royal Blue
  • 05. Relationship status: Single. *ahem*
  • 06. Ideal mate: A stable, compassionate person who possesses as much love for travel and adventure as he does.
  • 07. Turn-ons: Witty, great sense of humor, intelligent
  • 08. Favorite food: Bacon
  • 09. Crushes: None 
  • 10. Favorite music: Anything that has a beat, really.
  • 11. Biggest fear: Not being there for Jie, especially after all the personal tragedies the Pandaren cub has gone through.
  • 12. Biggest fantasy: Settling down with a partner, buying a house, and having a couple of kids.
  • 13. Bad habits: Smoking, self harm if too troubled
  • 14. Biggest regret: Not letting go of toxic relatives soon enough.
  • 15. Best kept secrets: He’s a time traveling mage and actually a good artist.
  • 16. Last thought: "I don’t want to come home and find the dog wearing make up."
  • 17. Worst romantic experience: After he was proposed to, the relationship quickly ended - which wasn’t really a surprise.
  • 18. Biggest insecurity: His parenting skills.
  • 19. Weapon of choice: Fire magic
  • 20. Role Model: None, really, although it’s safe to say that Vandrysse and Ellister are more of an influence than they realize. 

ellisterthorley asked:

"Calm down."


“I am calm!” Vallaunius made the effort to take several deep breaths to demonstrate as such, despite the fact his ears were pinned back. “What if Jie had been here? How would I have explained this?”

Out of his outstretched paw the mage dropped a scrap of fabric. It was a startlingly familiar, miniscule scrap … the doctor’s eyes widened as he recognized what it was. “Where did you find — ?,” he hissed.

Vallaunius pointed an accusing claw at Clovis, who sat on the opposite end of the couch, warily eyeing the pair. The rabbit appeared to shrug before bounding off, presumably to hide from the impending backlash.

“Can you not …” Val didn’t even know where to start. “I’m sure mom has a special drawer, can you not keep that somewhere safe so I don’t have to know that you wear these kind of —”

It is not mine!” Now Ellister appeared to be the one that needed calming. Not wanting to take his full anger out on his son, he looked around, searching for the real suspect.


thoran-barrett asked:

♖, ☾, ♘

[Well this only took a year and a day to answer, sorry!]

♖a childhood headcanon

Vandrysse instilled a love of the Light in her son. Thankfully, his biological father was rarely around to protest this choice, although there were certainly times where he had to learn in secret. His mother also made sure that he learned about other cultures’ take on the Light as well.

The type of magics that Vallaunius is most interested in involve a complex exercise of precise mental calculations. His childhood ubringing has made him a man of both science and mystery, and to his way of thinking, both can coexist without being exclusive to the other.

☾a sleeping headcanon

Vallaunius has a small hoard of plushies that he keeps on his bed.

He spends most of his time in his furs, including sleeping. So just imagine a worgen sprawled out amongst a bunch of pillows and sheets, surrounded by tiny stuffed animals. And somehow, a little yellow duckie has ended up on his head …

♘a pet headcanon

He wasn’t allowed to have a pet as a child out of Vandrysse’s fear that his biological father would kill it out of spite. Now that he’s an adult - especially these days, with a young Pandaren charge - you’d better believe he’s allowed pets in the house.

They recently adopted a male pug that Jie named Jiaozi (“dumpling”).